We are now Nektr and website NektrVR.com , we offer AR + VR too. Do you think the name/website works??? Help creative humans!
  1. I think we need a name people know how to spell so they can easily find our website...do you agree???
  2. I bought Qwinkie.com
    It's cute but so is Googleand it's fun and can be a noun...passes the smile test.
  3. Just sent my biz partner 50 more ideas.
  4. Digital Playground
    Suggested by @holly70
  5. PixelDust
    Suggested by @laughter
  6. ...contd... So charming or cute or witty (which might be memorable) is a FAIL if it doesn't communicate the benefit promise; and a boring promise can be a FAIL if, well, boring. Also, if you can differentiate yourself from competition that is also ideal. So, net, I don't have an idea for you, but I have a scorecard for you to evaluate options. GL!
    Suggested by @scherz_indy
  7. My two cents: a brand name (and its associated promise — ideally a tagline when done well, but many taglines are shit) should communicate the key benefit promise (wifm = what's in it for me, from target consumer's POV) in an engaging, memorable way. ...more...
    Suggested by @scherz_indy