1. Emoticons 😜
  2. Showers
  3. Emotions- give it a rest with all the feelings people!!! Put it in a darn emoticon!!!
  4. Facial Hair-nobody wants to kiss that. If they say they do...I don't know seek therapy!!! Make sure the dogs ok...really!!!
  5. Stars in the sky, can't see em anyway
  6. Elon Musk
  7. Ads on Spotify/Pandora
  8. Inspirational Quotes
  9. Lies- totally overused!!!
  10. Mindfulness, Ommm....I am so done!!!
  11. Grammar, punctuation, correct spelling...yawn...boring!!!
  12. WWF
  13. Department of Homeland Security
  14. Bradgelina
  15. Earnest People-give um a break people- Vacay time!!!
  16. Coal Energy🔆
  17. Being Honest- balance is key
  18. Silks both the kind you hang from and the soymilk. Sheets and undies all good.
  19. Sleep
  20. This List App...Duh!
  21. Words, use more emoticons. Efficiency Rocks!!! ⌚️
  22. Hello- Smart Phones!!!
  23. Siri- the poor beleaguered mother to us all. Get this! Get that! Now Siri!
  24. Communication Generally- Too much! Overused!
  25. Condoms
  26. Oakhurst neighborhood Yahoo group
  27. Craft Beer
  28. Horns
  29. Dog Barks
  30. Working Moms
  31. Lil Free Libraries...
  32. Marriage!
  33. Questionable Genes...overused!
  34. Google
  35. Porn