Their all there
  1. People videoing so much I thought they must be doing competitive research or planning a terrorist attack.
  2. People with newborns. Unless they bought tickets 10 months ago I wonder why? Why do this to yourself people???
  3. Adult middle aged women in tutus, not judging just noting.
  4. Adorable mom and 3 daughters teens and younger in matching mini mouse outfits. Again, not judging but just saying being good looking doesn't make it less weird.
  5. A family that brought its lunch in everyday, not judging well maybe just a bit as this was my family and it felt so sad, depressing and lame. We saw maybe 2 other people eating their own food and they did it covertly in corners.
  6. People with incredibly energetic grandparents who were awesome and loved being there with their grandkids. I thought they were amazing.
  7. Almost no black people. I asked my husband why? He said Disney is a white culture thing. Is this true? People tell me. I don't mean this to be offensive but the numbers did not make sense at all. So curious.
  8. Definitely the most heartbreaking thing I saw was as we were on The Ferry leaving at twilight it was beautiful and my boys were amped. Maybe 10 people were on the top deck and I could almost pretend Disney was Venice. We were kind of loud & annoying and I realized the lil 3 year old girl next to us had a giant Make A Wish Pin on. Tears to the car.