Pokemon Go Saves Friendship.

Yes epic powers of PokemonGO
  1. My son and his friend got in a fight over draft at a Magic Card Game tournament.
  2. I was worried as it was one of his neighborhood walkable buddies.
  3. He was chill but I put on my girl goggles and see drama everywhere!
  4. He became obsessed with Pokemon Go...
  5. And you guys were going Pukie Man crazy last night...
  6. And on the radio this morning it was like YAY! A new happy, rainbow glittery dog bone to throw our bobble head listeners...Pokemon GO!
    We needed that banana split...
  7. So, I suffered against the zero wifi zone at an office this AM to download this thing and made the amazing GobbleBubble.
  8. Caught a Zubat!!!
  9. After camp we went hunting in the hood, me and the 2 guys and our phones...and the dog our lure...
    My teen was so excited I had downloaded his obsession.
  10. And found a gym...
  11. And that was when rainbows and glitter and dreams and unicorns appeared his friend from the magic tournament casually appeared and all is now right in the world.
  12. Pokemon GO saves lives and friendships!!!
  13. 🌅🌈🌃🏘🤓