Sometimes you go there for your fix and it is sadly discontinued and it is the worst thing you write it a eulogy and reflect deeply on your loss.
  1. Challah from the north shore bakery in Chicago.
    With time I hope my emotions will even out. They used to have this amazing challah, alas it was just a filler 😭. Oh great challah you will never be just filler in my heart. May your memory be a blessing!
  2. Ruby Red Chai
    This was my favorite sleep remedy before melatonin. It was sweet and subtlety spicy...I am trying to recover. Healing is slow. It hurts less each day.
  3. Fermented Lemons
    Their life was short but vibrant. For a long time I dreamt of meeting such a product and one day my dreams were answered. They said these were seasonal but their season sadly never seems to pass again. Sometimes the things that are with us the least are the sweetest and we must savor their memory.
  4. Crunchy Granola Bars
    My kid loved them. Now they're gone.
    Suggested by @brazenhussy
  5. Dark chocolate covered ginger cookies
    These were a favorite holiday treat. Unclear to me if they stopped making them or my store stopped carrying them.
    Suggested by @brazenhussy