OCD for this artsy app...
  1. MallofAmanda @mallofamanda
    7601a299 6090 47e1 a399 7c43b36ed90f
  2. Joe
    B24d9144 3081 4ca9 8735 9fff5c37d099
  3. Ktm618
    996e5c2a 3e91 490e 9fd2 05b9aefc7af2
  4. Who, can't remember
    14db731c 6796 4e7e bedf cbfe031759b6
  5. Me
    423b4a16 88fe 4fc8 b4af 86bb66aa856e
  6. Me
    222da5cd 1bb6 4591 9fe3 e987cfe1b876
  7. Me
    32faefb1 c9cf 4aa5 889b 58906bc968b3
  8. Me
    0b88a060 af5f 4b80 8486 f45857c27636
  9. Me
  10. If only I remembered za names. This girl I drew this of is an amazing artist...
    Afca4026 a356 4390 abbf d5d2dc26fecd
  11. Another nameless model
    641fb737 4b9f 4811 ba77 cfd6aaefeeb6
  12. This is Tony Karate I bought a stylus so things went better...
    F39da756 d415 4750 aa9a 81ed780668de
  13. I am really obsessed with French Girls...the app...😢