For a 2 hour app making class I am teaching tomorrow...Pitch Me!!!
  1. MonkeyMake-sock monkey maker
  2. Uses the wifi receiver to tell you when you are getting better/worse signal strength as you move around
    Suggested by   @magebloom
  3. A counter
    When many knitters updated iOS we lost the use of knitting apps that had integrated row counters. The ability to have multiple, user-labeled counters that hold their count until reset by the user. I would value this app highly.
    Suggested by   @Starmist
  4. @kelsey does this not exist for realz? I am also a knitter. I had this idea forever ago. Thank you!
  5. I ended up making this truly ridiculous BowTie app it is not the end all for this technology but the peeps can learn a lot from it. It's best used on a dog which was my original intent. Who am I to judge who wears a bow tie??? Anyway this was one of my zillion ideas I didn't mind sharing with some newbie app developers.
  6. I love the ideas people shared but they are bigger then the newbies are capable of but I am inspired.