We traveled as a family to Slovenia & Croatia, I lived in Europe forever ago but I didn't remember needing these things.
  1. Our Luggage
    It took a few days to arrive in Slovenia. I had to wear my wedges and clothes jamas for three days. The views when we landed over compensated. But still cobbled streets and wedges MEH!
  2. A Bag Of Ice
    Say what? I forgot Europe does not worship the ice god. I can deal with water but we often stayed in Air BNB's and mixed our own cocktails. I can live without a perfect chiseled cube but I love my ice. Next time I am packing at least 2 bags of ice. Europe's big on cheap bottled water but no ice.
  3. My Grandma
    Even though she is no longer with us I know she would have been psyched to see braided bread (looked like challah), almond cookies just like hers and matzah ball soup mix at a really remote national park market in Croatia. Also of course all the cured meats one could eat. Next time grandma's coming.