I remember picking it out perfectly although it was 15 years ago...
  1. My mom came to SF From Chicago and we went wedding dress shopping to all the pretty elegant boutiques.
    I remember circles of white dresses, beautiful dressing rooms with gossamer curtains and perfect oval trimmed mirrors for young brides.
  2. The dresses were beautiful but much more expensive then my mom and I had hoped. We were planning on getting married in Napa and this was proving to be the financial hurdle in what would prove to be not a sprint but a marathon.
  3. My mom offered to purchase one for $500 which is a lot of money for a garment but not a wedding dress in San Francisco apparently ...even too many years ago.
    Yes, I am all about trendy thrifting now and was then but not for my wedding dress back then...If I had to do it over different I am sure I would.
  4. I fell in love with a simple beautiful dress with an umpire waste and an elegant beaded bodice and a sophisticated skirt that floated outward.
    I was no bridezilla but I fancied myself of discriminating tastes after all I got my hair highlighted at the very best Super Cuts and lived in shoebox.
  5. I had to have it! It was exponentially more of indulgence then my mom thought necessary.
  6. So I used my money that I had saved being a digital slave of the original dot com boom. Besides, I had been raised on the powerful appeal of the endless credit card...
  7. I married my witty, adorable, sensitive husband and we took beautiful photos in the vineyard. Amongst friends and family everything was ideal.
  8. Eventually real life returned and the dress found its way back to Chicago where it was heirloomed in hope of being used for another generation. Perhaps one day a child of ours or a relative would use it. It was so classic it seemed possible. After all, I had asked if we had any dresses in the family for myself...
  9. Just after my 15 year anniversary my phone bling, blinged. My mom called from Chicago to me in Atlanta, always chipper she chatted on about something then said happily your sister and I took your wedding dress to the resale shop!!! WTF?
    My older sister was staying with her as she was waiting for her youngest to go off to college and her husband went ahead to Huntington Beach for his job. She is happily married and a beautiful girl so the usual surface stuff doesn't explain away this behavior.
  10. For a month my heart sank. I was sad desperate, forlorn. It was so not right...it was so wrong I was stunned into angry silence.
    It seemed something one would ask someone. It's not hard to find people these days...
  11. It would make sense if my parents had no space but they had a 4 bedroom home with an entire empty footprint basement!!! They are staying there forever...they are neat freaks! My mom could write the Kon Mari book...
  12. One day in the Whole Foods Parking Lot a bell went off! I dialed my mom, see you can easily reach people via cell and I asked for the name of the resale shop.
  13. The women on the phone was so sweet and empathetic she said she would look for my dress and asked me to send a pic, size etc.
    I texted one right away! Aren't we cute and young back then?
  14. I slept fitfully for a few days and then got a wonderful text, they had the dress and my mom could come pick it up.
  15. Happy Endings!!!
  16. Thoughts???