1. Halloween
  2. Birthdays
  3. Christmas
  4. Hannukah
  5. Vacations
  6. That you are their parent
  7. When you open your mouth
  8. When you forget a birthday party!
  9. Tooth fairy is a no show
  10. Forgot to pick them up
  11. Didn't plan a birthday party
  12. Didn't bring cupcakes to school
  13. Forgot to sign the field trip form
  14. Forgot friends birthday gift
  15. Got friend lame birthday gift
  16. When you don't approve of their weird friend and weird friends family
  17. When they can't have 2 sleepovers in a row.
  18. When you inhale
  19. Exhale
  20. Speak in your car with your windows open
  21. Call them by their given names
  22. Mealtimes
  23. Career Day! You suck mom!!!
  24. Sing along to their favorite songs!
  25. Say hi to their friends
  26. Out of snacks
  27. Don't pack the water bottle
  28. Pay aftercare late
  29. Overuse and incorrect use of emojis.
  30. Not knowing pop culture references
  31. Failing to fein interest in talking about video games/movies.
  32. When your outfit is lame
  33. When your outfit is hot
  34. When you can't where a bikini-
  35. When you eat their Halloween Candy!!! 🎃
  36. When they have an existential crisis and are asking , "why are we alive" and are saying "we are all going to die anyway" and you have zero substantive answers and finally convince them to get some rest. 😳. Highly disappointing!!!Then you go eat some of their Halloween candy...because that is the disappointing person you are...