People talk about adulting...I am over it!!!
  1. Playing Pokemon GO! Level 5, see you in the gym. Yessss!!!
  2. I wear a hat every freaking a cool lil cap. Yes, I know this is not mature fashion. Whatevs!!!
  3. I just wrote the word that a word?
  4. I am trying to get my novelty book published! Clearly, that is not a serious adult pursuit.
  5. I am avoiding looking at my bank account! What could be less adult than that? Are you proud of me?
  6. I just spent 3 hours on social media!
  7. I think I will win the next Olympic sport of DeAdulting! Yay me!
  8. No Alarm hoping to wake up on time on a weekday. I need my growth sleep!
  9. Working at Dog Park coffee shop.
    Talking to strangers
  10. Gotta go take a selfie.
  11. You can keep your adulting...I am over it!!!
  12. Missed an appt to check a recall on my car...whoops!
  13. Pop Tarts are a major food group yes?
  14. Eat random bowls of cereal all day. No dinner, just more cereal.
    Bonus De-Adulting points if the cereal is Fruity Pebbles.
    Suggested by @angela3950