This is me for ten years #HackerChic
  1. Having your skirt measured to see if it's within 4" of your knee #DressCodesForGirlz
  2. Having your boss ask to share your hotel room to save money at The Game Developer Conference in Vegas. #TrueDat
  3. People think you are the designer on the project when actually you coded the damn thing #AllDay #Everyday #StillBurns
    People thought my friends son who helped me present one day and was 17 coded my whole app...the sadness...bottomless.
  4. Everyone assuming you outsource everything...because there is no way!
  5. People thinking you're a genius but it ain't so....
  6. Loving the challenge, the flexibility, the creativity and the power...
  7. Being dressed up for work in a mini jean skirt, cap and tank top...
  8. Commuting to your doorstep...Yay!
  9. #Respect
  10. Getting paid but still being mom on the job when needed.
  11. Working on vacations : (.
  12. Feeling like muscle brain girl when you crack code and solve the problems.
  13. Smiling sweetly when coder Barbie hits the shelves and she is your brunette younger twin style wise. Wait was Mattel following me? Oh my I didn't even see them there!
  14. Working with mostly the coolest, smartest most creative people who get $hit done.
  15. Having other moms think you are a lil weird. #GotThat
  16. Loving your view of your yard from your desk.
  17. Playing Sherlock Holmes on StackOverFlow knowing you can crack the case.
  18. Feeling you can climb Everest mentally from your cozy house with your hot cup of home Joe.
  19. Having your kids wake up to the fact mommy is a badass and can swing with the big boys.
  20. Writing your first algorithm and feeling yourself swim in the mental space of abstract stars...feeling one with the infinite patterns of the universe. As if you are peering into a tiny piece of how all this may have come to be.