I am big on leaving the couch...
  1. Decatur Lantern Parade
    We love the Lantern Parade! It's unmatched for beauty and imagination and feeling the collective, creative glow of our town.
  2. Porchfest
    Also a big fan of PorchFest which we ripped off from some town in NY. In the South y'all may think porches are just for sippin and watchin but it's not so. We adopt bands for a day and they strum it out for free for the neighborhood on our wide front porches (said with a drawl). It's super sweet! You can often grab yourself a beer, a treat, and a new friend in the hood.
  3. Madison Ave Soap Box Derby.
    This might be enough to bring Norman Rockwell back from the grave. It's tough to beat the crazy creations from years past like the Delorean or four poster bed and the memory of their lil driver racing them to the creek. #DrivingTheDream .
  4. Rogue Festival
    There's about 12 venues, all in walking distance, with about 80 fringe acts performing over 2 weekends. It's fun and challenging.
    Suggested by @krissybell76