Where the outliers are on Xmas - Atlanta style...

Last year we did this from Chicago
  1. Stone Mountain
    We climbed with the boys it was awesome no Trump supporters in sight. #OutlierHeaven
  2. Surly teenagers not out of breath AF
  3. Indian Food Mall
    We went to Patel Plaza another Trump free zone and scored amazing samosas and jalapeño lentil balls for $5. Christmas gets better each year.
  4. Our house, we are killing it in fried import appetizers.
    The Indian samplers disappeared before we left the lot but our eastern euro big lips could not resist more grease, hello Egg Rolls from our favorite grocer...the freezer. All good it's hannukah more grease and Vodka the better.
  5. Merry Christmas + Happy Hannukah, joy to all!!!