1. Self promotion
  2. Lonely on tour
  3. Lonely in general- for me being famous seems scaryfying
  4. They are Friend's with @dev
  5. @dev has serious venture backing and has paid all these people gobs of cash
  6. The famous people are not really here and this is just a giant conspiracy to mess with the regular people's heads
  7. It's just the famous peoples publicist spewing lists and likes for them
  8. They miss their pets
  9. Being famous correlates highly with loving lists.
  10. They think list making helps their brand appear cooler???!? Wow what hath become of our culture? No more hipster clothing for me, I'm going to pop,pop, pop a list and people will go insane and buy anything I touch...nerd culture 2015 #winning @losing!
  11. I am really confused and not about the deep stuff like when the planet will collapse, or cancer will be cured but why you all are hanging out here? Is List app the new improved sanitized, drug free Hollywood party?