I can never go the distance!
  1. You have to read something you don't want... like school.
  2. You have to socialize with people you don't want... like school.
  3. Someone always takes total control...like school.
  4. I just manned up or ENTJ ed up and quit one and some other friends who I love invited me to another one and I feel my blood cells exploding in my body. I want to Bitmoji away as fast as possible...
  5. Just say NO to book club!!!
  6. Books are meant for solitude and reflection, personal insights and escapes. Don't dirty their magic by dissecting them in public or even intimate groups.
  7. This is like using a vibrator with friends and chatting about it.
  8. No, no, no...not with others. Pick your own vibrators and books.
  9. I mean would you dissect a fairy?
  10. Of course not!
  11. Fairies, Books, Vibrators...all by one selves items.
  12. I hope my wise guidance helps steer some wayward soul feeling trapped socializing in the wrong space.