Happy Monday part deux.
  1. My dogs 🐶🐶
    Sure every once in a while they tug of war on a call or run over my ethernet cable but nothing beats sharing an office with pups. Nothing.
  2. The coworker who will actually cover for you in the rare event you need it and will not make you feel bad.
    And therefore you happily return the favor. Because everyone else on your team is a douche.
  3. Non condescending IT gal/guy.
    Giphy downsized medium
  4. The coworker with whom it seems is the only one who has the same sense of humor as you.
    Because sometimes, it's not always possible to drink the Kool aid at 8am meetings.
  5. The teammate with whom you can bitch and bitch and you know your words are safe.
  6. Those who ask you a lot of questions.
    This is the turning point of best / worst. Some days it's tolerable or flattering. Other days it's like DAMNIT DENISE, YOU'VE BEEN HERE 2 YEARS.
  7. Cathy who IMs you the moment you sign on for the day.
    You know the company is making me work with a PC from 1997, my shit has not started up yet. TELL ME WHY.
  8. People who ask copious amounts of personal questions in meetings with 100+ people. Virtual or in person.
    Take it offline, grandma.
  9. The overly emotional.
    Please stop crying in this meeting.
  10. Anyone who leaves you a voicemail. Ever. For any reason. Ever.
    You know how busy we all are and how many students I have to respond to. Why tf are you giving me more fucking work, Brenda!?