a working list
  1. Underscores in the username
    The more, the skankier
  2. Vague bio about being inspired, a wanderer, or #blessed
  3. That Snapchat dog filter
    Tried and true measure
  4. Selfie with unrelated caption about how much she's emotionally #grown
  5. Constant vacation pics in the middle of the work week
    Something's paying for that, am I right? 👉👌💦
  6. Instaquotes that not-so-subtly shame anyone not on the ~grind~
  7. In fact, any quotes about the hustle, grind, etc.
  8. That cliche picture of her holding someone's had "leading him" someplace and is really just a shot of her ass.
    Just the truth
  9. Actually, more than 1 picture of her from behind. Especially if in combo with any of the above.