1. If I let you in my lane and you don't give me a courtesy wave
  2. When motorcycles in my complex park in the full size spots!!
    Why do you even HAVE a motorcycle in North Dakota, on the real?
  3. Having to drive on a dirt road shortly after getting my car washed
  4. When my computer doesn't just read my mind and do what the fuck I'm trying to get it to do
  5. Getting numerous social media requests for things like LuLaRoe, essential oils, It Works!, etc etc etc.
    I'm not giving you my money. Grow up and get a job or marry rich like rest of us heffers.
  6. People's knees
  7. People who borrow your Chapstick and then return it AFTER WINDING IT ALL THE WAY DOWN.
    Giphy downsized medium
  8. Coworkers.
    When they leave you voicemails (cmon Denise, I have enough administrative work to do, don't add to it), when they text you out of office hours (OFF THE CLOCK DENISE), when they text you during the day asking you the same questions over and over (not getting paid to manage you, Denise!!!), when they IM you the MOMENT you log in for the day (you trying to get stabbed Denise!?!?)