1. Literally almost anything.
    I'm a receptionist while in grad school. I work with people who have little to no common sense and it makes work that should be simple very, very exhausting.
  2. Librarian
    Hey! That's what I'm going to school for! The end of school is so close....I can feel this dream coming true...
  3. Writer
    Every now and again, I think to myself: Am I secretly a very good writer? Should I be trying to write a book of short stories? I see, hear, and experience a lot of funny things. AM I THE NEXT DAVID SEDARIS?! (Unlikely, but I'm sure you all know that feeling.)
  4. Professional Athlete
    I'm terrible at sports, but I watch a fair amount. The players get so excited when they win a big game or set a record. It's contagious and I want some of that action.