1. Prince O' Whales
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    This is the dive bar where I met my husband. It's loud and crowded, has karaoke and a ping pong table, and serves the absolute worst fish and chips you'll ever have. Despite all this, or maybe because of it, I have to believe that ours is not the only big love to have been born here.
  2. Pantages Theater
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    The boo got tickets to several shows in 2013/14 and proceeded to dole them out as Valentine, birthday, and Christmas gifts. Love this place. It's the only reason I'll even get close to Hollywood Blvd.
  3. Dodger Stadium
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    Go Blue! Dodger Dogs are the best hot dogs in the world.
  4. Sugarfish
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    This place has AMAZING sushi. They have a la carte items, but I typically go with the Trust Me option. Just bring me all the fish please.
  5. Culver Hotel
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    Super fun for drinks with my girls. The whole downtown Culver area is super cute but this hotel has a bar up top that's so small it's fully lit by tiny lamps and candles. Drinks are relatively inexpensive and it's a nice place to unwind.