1. So when I met my husband, I became a dog mom for the first time. She's a sweet little beagle chihuahua mix and while she didn't take to me at first, the past 4 years have been wonderful.
  2. Last year, she started having problems with her heart, a problem my husband was made aware of when he got her from the shelter.
  3. For the past seven months, she's been on a crazy set of pills, we've been having to walk her like nine times a day and take her to get fluid drained out of her stomach once a month. It's getting expensive.
  4. But I don't care! She's felt so much better and acting like herself!
  5. Until just this past week. She's been wheezing and her breath is so labored. She's miserable and it makes us miserable.
  6. So we made the appointment. We're gonna have to put her down. She's not going to get any better.
  7. I knew this would happen. But I'm not ready. I'm so sad. I can't even fucking think because I'm so sad.