They knew the risks. They went with you anyway.
  1. A ratty couch, or the back seat of an old car
    "Just sit over there. I want to check for one more thing. Yes, I know I just said that."
  2. Upright video game (or a console?)
    Ms. Pac Man?
  3. Free coffee and tea, self serve
    No Lipton or Folgers. Decent shit.
  4. A TV playing old movies, not news or daytime shows — bonus if VHS
    Even more bonus if the movie never came out on DVD.
  5. Free popcorn and an array of delightful seasonings
    Spices, kettle corn, butter salt, what have you
  6. A little free library/magazine rack
    Literacy on the cheap.
  7. A clean bathroom
    Everyone has a limit.
  8. A little play area
    Because your bored companion might be your kid.
  9. Hand sanitizer
    Because records are gross sometimes.
  10. Free wifi.
    Not everyone has a ton of data.
  11. Free parking!
    No one likes to be rushed by that friend whose meter is gonna expire.