30 minutes. 12 miles. Dad and me.
  1. Pull up your shirt. No comments wanted.
  2. Fuck, I'm late, but only 5 minutes. Maybe he won't care.
  3. I could've put my backpack in the trunk nicer. I'm going to have to spend another $200 to fix it again. Shit.
  4. Great, Dad wants to listen to NPR.
  5. Yes, Tom Ashbrook, whatever this is is definitely "on point."
  6. No one at my boarding school pays attention to the news. That's bad. I should probably listen to this.
  7. Nope, I can only listen to Wait Wait Don't tell Me and Serial.
  8. When is Serial coming back?
  9. Remember when we were all so obsessed with Serial?
  10. I even got a Reddit. Just for Serial.
  11. Does anyone even remember Adnan? MailChimp?
  12. I should probably Google that.
  13. I wonder what it means to have a good radio voice. These people seem to have good radio voices.
  14. It's funny how the radio hasn't become obsolete yet.
  15. Dad changed the station!
  16. Great, the Hills. I swear, Top 40 doesn't exist, it's really Top 20.
  17. I love nighttime.
  18. I have so much work to do.