They're not necessarily my favorite movies, but if they're on I can't pass them up.
  1. Happy Gilmore
  2. Billy Madison
  3. Tommy Boy
    Richard, who's you're favorite Little Rascal? Alfalfa or is it Spanky? Sinner.
  4. Anything from the Man with No Name trilogy
  5. The Godfather I and II
  6. The Labrynth
    You remind me of the babe. (What babe?) The babe with the power. (What power?) The power of voodoo. (Who do?) You do. (You do what?) Remind me of the babe. #Dance Magic #George Lucas, #Jim Henson, #David Bowie, #Jennifer Connelly... Could have just said Bowie and left it at that.
  7. The Flight of the Navigator
    Weasel, dork, buttface, skuzbucket... And SJP with Twisted Sister hair
  8. Any Star Wars