New Hampshire voters go to the polls today in the second test of the 2016 presidential primaries. For more information, has got you covered tonight.
  1. Who Will Finish Behind Trump On The Republican Side?
    With Donald Trump the favorite for tonight, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Marco Rubio all are battling for second and third places. Whoever does best will get a huge boost to their campaign. For those who finish lower, their campaigns may be over after tonight.
  2. How Badly Damaged Is Hillary Clinton?
    Hillary Clinton expects to lose to Bernie Sanders. What matters in New Hampshire is how wide the margin of Clinton's loss to Sanders is. She barely won the Iowa Caucus, so if Sanders wins by a big double-digit margin it could damage Clinton.
  3. Is Marco Rubio Still The Golden Boy?
    Rubio had a rough ABC debate performance this past Saturday; his weaknesses were exposed in ways that they weren't in past debates. Rubio, like several other candidates, is trying to position himself as an alternative to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. But his hopes of coalescing the Republican establishment might be diminished if he doesn't do well tonight.
  4. Will Donald Trump Be Humbled Again?
    Donald Trump has built his personal brand as a winner. But after finishing behind Cruz in the Iowa Caucus, he needs a strong win in New Hampshire, or he might have to start running his campaign like an traditional politician. This means he would have to build his "ground game," and invest more in get-out-the-vote infrastructure.