Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep recently sat down with President Obama for an interview at the White House. They talked about the Iran nuclear deal, politics and race in America. Full interview & video:
  1. He doesn’t have patience for critics of the proposed Iran nuclear deal
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    He says their arguments are "illogical or based on the wrong facts, and then you ask them, 'All right, what's your alternative?' and there's a deafening silence."
  2. He thinks said critics need to "pull out of the immediate politics" and consider "the right thing to do for the country."
    "When this agreement is implemented and ... we've got inspectors on the ground and it becomes clear that Iran in fact is abiding by this agreement, then attitudes will change, because people will recognize that, in fact, whatever parade of horribles was presented in opposition have not come true. That, instead, what we've seen is an effective way to bind Iran to a commitment not to have nuclear weapons and, in that scenario, it'll probably be forgotten that Republicans uniformly opposed it."
  3. He’s concerned about gerrymandering, the Senate filibuster process and the influence of superPACS. But he’s still optimistic about the political system.
    “I think there are a whole range of systems problems that we have to resolve, but, you know, having said all that, I tend to be still pretty optimistic about the future of the American political process and our democracy. We go through these phases where things seem just dysfunctional and bottled up and folks get frustrated.”
  4. He doesn’t think it’s fair to say he couldn’t – or wouldn’t – talk about about race in his first term
    “I feel a great urgency to get as much done as possible, and there's no doubt that, after over six and a half years on this job, I probably have an easier time juggling a lot of different issues, and it may be that my passions show a little bit more, just because I've been around this track now for a while."