Disapproval of the president's Iran deal was thought to be the first item of business on Congress' agenda after five weeks off. But with the president securing enough votes from Democrats, Congress now faces a host of other items. Legislators — here's your to-do list. (Full story: http://n.pr/1Uqa585)
  1. Fund the government
    The government will run out of funding on Oct. 1, raising the possibility of a government shutdown. There are thorny issues in the heat of a presidential campaign that have to get settled, such as funding for Planned Parenthood.
  2. Deal with the debt limit
    The nation's debt limit will have to raised again, the Treasury Department says, by November or December. Otherwise the country could default on its debts.
  3. Reauthorize the Export-Import Bank
    The authorization for the Export-Import Bank, which backs American companies overseas, was not renewed. It could be included in a grand package to avoid a shutdown.
  4. Re-up the highway fund
    The highway fund is set to run out of money this fall. It has been replenished in a temporary fashion over the past several years.