You know to pair 🍷+ 🍖, but did you know there is a similar art with tea? Here are some simple pairings to try at home, suggested by the tea sommeliers and experts we spoke with for this story:
  1. Butterfly of Taiwan ooolong with Sheep cheese such as Ossau Iraty
    The cheese enhances the fruity (think apple puree and candied citrus) and honey notes of the tea, which seems sweeter. The strong woody notes of the tea are elevated to a lighter and greener tone.
  2. Nepal Arya Tara black tea & Pleasant Ridge Reserve Extra Aged Cheddar
    This pairing enhances the sweet, fruity notes of both the tea and the cheese. The cheese cuts the astringency of the tea and makes it much rounder. The green, vegetal notes of the tea become stronger, allowing for a fresh and long-lasting finish.
  3. Bao Zhong imperial oolong tea with a madeleine
    The slightly lemony madeleine melts in the mouth with the tea, and its buttery and citrus notes highlight the flowery (rose, jasmine) and milky notes of the tea.
  4. Oriental Beauty oolong with almond cherry bars
    The peach and apricot notes and distinct honey sweetness of the tea accentuate the flavor of the cherries.
  5. Kabuse green tea with melted 🍫
    The kabuse is a green tea with high levels of umami – a pleasant, savory taste – as well as sweet and salty. When these three flavors hit melted chocolate, you unlock a flavor similar to pure cantaloupe.