SuperPACs can raise unlimited sums of money and spend freely to support or oppose a candidate. The threshold to create one is low enough that many people have formed their own superPACs as a joke or to make a statement about superPACs themselves. Full story:
  1. Bearded Entrepreneurs for the Advancement of Responsible Democracy
    B.E.A.R.D. PAC is a nonpartisan organization that supports a single platform: beards. Co-founder Jonathan Sessions encourages bearded and non-bearded donors alike to get involved in the movement to elect more facially-follicled candidates to office.
  2. Why Not ZoidPAC?
    Danny Ben-David founded Why Not ZoidPAC? in the beginning of January 2012 after comedian Stephen Colbert formed his own superPAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow. It was a crash course in the campaign finance system for the recent MIT grad. "I learned everything from naming regulations on PACs and position titles to the terrifyingly poor security measures in place for e-filing, to interesting uses of the Form 99X memo," Ben-David said. "It's been well worth it."
  3. Six-PAC
    Three avid beer fans and Penn State law students founded Six-PAC to apply their legal skills and humor to "push forward political messages for one of our most precious small business groups: small brewers." The superPAC support relaxed liquor laws, small brewers, refined distribution regulations and reduced tax rates for small brewers.
  4. My Cat Xavier for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow
    Xavier, a black cat, was completely indifferent to politics, according to his human roommate, Ania Hornberger. But he did eventually decide to throw his support behind 2012 candidate for the Virginia Senate seat, Hank the Cat. Hornberger says Xavier also supports prison reform and, after having been diagnosed with feline diabetes, advocates to cats everywhere that it need not be a death sentence.
  5. Empire Strikes PAC
    This superPAC hasn't yet raised any money since it first filed its statement of organization in September 2014, but we can only assume that it would support a candidate with a pro-Wookiee agenda.
  6. Wolf PAC
    Unfortunately for fans of “The Hangover,” this superPAC is less about drunken escapades in Las Vegas than it is about a serious political platform. Wolf PAC first organized in 2010 and has raised nearly $130,000 this year alone. Wolf PAC's ultimate goal is to pressure "State Legislators to pass a much needed Free and Fair Elections Amendment to our Constitution" and to "take away the massive influence that money has over our political process."
  7. Slam Dunks, Fireworks, and Eagles SuperPAC
    This SuperPAC, founded by George Washington University students in 2012, is no longer in operation. Its founders say the idea was to buy beer for congressmen and get them to work across the partisan divide.
  8. Americans Against Americans Who Do Not Recycle And Misspell Bengazi
    This superPAC's founders did not respond to NPR’s request for comment, so we are left to speculate that the superPAC embraces platforms against at least two groups of people: Americans who don't recycle, and Americans who misspell “Benghazi."