How Teachers Teach Global Warming

The National Center for Science Education Science asked 1,500 middle and high school science teachers if/how they teach climate change. It's not easy: Few get training in climate science in college, and textbooks are often outpaced by science. Still, a surprising number are getting it wrong. Read the full story at
  1. About 75 percent of teachers talk about global warming in class.
    ... though typically only for an hour or two. And not all of them are getting the science right.
  2. Just over half of teachers say human consumption of fossil fuels is the major cause of recent global warming.
    That's a much smaller percentage than among climate scientists -- 95 percent of whom believe humans are to blame.
  3. Roughly 30 percent of teachers tell students that humans are only partly to blame, along with natural causes.
    This sends mixed messages, suggesting that the causes of climate change are still up for debate — when there is no debate among the vast majority of climate scientists.
  4. About 1 in 10 teachers seem to be denying a human role in climate change altogether.
  5. 5 percent of teachers don't talk about the causes at all.