What to Watch for at Tonight's First Democratic Presidential Debate

Democrats are ready for their moment in the spotlight. After two rollicking GOP debates and a cycle that's largely been dominated by the outsiders in the Republican field, party loyalists have worried they are being overshadowed. Read more about the candidates and the hurdles ahead: http://n.pr/1Na6q7y (The debate starts at 9 p.m. ET on CNN)
  1. Hillary Clinton
    Need: Appear likable and straightforward, especially when talking about those emails and recent policy positions. Avoid: Complicated explanations and defensiveness
  2. Bernie Sanders
    Need: Convince a national audience he's presidential material and that he can branch out beyond his core economic message. Avoid: Lapsing into testiness
  3. Martin O'Malley
    Need: Show he belongs in consideration as a top-tier candidate. Avoid: Debating about debates and getting on a high horse
  4. Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee
    Need: A breakout moment to show they're serious candidates. Avoid: Getting left out of the conversation
  5. Joe Biden
    Need: Show up? He's not yet announced his intentions, as he continues a public flirtation with a bid. CNN has left open the possibility of allowing Biden on stage, even if he were to decide as late as Tuesday. He has given no indication that he will do so.