Can we just take a minute here...
  1. Their song name does not have some deeper meaning, it was literally just someone trying to drunk text the word dance
  2. Let's be honest, Joe Jonas was always the best Jonas Brother
    Okay I realize now the Camp Rock haircut was a mistake but it was really working for me at the time
  3. JinJoo Lee is actually the most stylish person ever
    This picture is her wearing something casual honestly
  4. Cake by the Ocean was created by Joe Jonas and some Swedish producers awhile ago, and the idea came from the Swedish ppl messing up the phrase sex on the beach
    Anything that has to do w language is super cool to me
  5. And, the reason that I'm sure many of you have heard of at this point, the fact that they used a girl who wasn't super skinny as the love interest in one of their music videos very casually
    Ashley Graham everybody, pro
  6. They're really cute onstage
  7. Their cover music videos parodies are amusing
    (Sorry to Jack Lawless for cutting you out of the pic ily too)
  8. They are all just super chill people who make great music