Different business ventures and professions I'd like to do (if you steal my awesome business ideas, I will hunt you down)
  1. Be a girls youth lacrosse coach
  2. Be an editor on the side
  3. Publish a novel (or any sort of work, really)
  4. Open up a flower shop near a field of wildflowers and only sell native, unprocessed plants
  5. Retire and become a college professor
  6. Own a graveyard and use trees in lieu of gravestones (so it becomes a forest!)
  7. Work with the National Geographic, either as a journalist or a photographer, and travel the world
  8. Be a writer for one of those political websites/newspapers- it would be great, you can just talk about your views all the time
  9. Be President of the United States. I'll have to brush up on economics and foreign policy, and I don't think it would work with a family, but that would be an awesome job.
  10. Be a UN climate change ambassador
  11. Win a Nobel Prize