1. Princess Buttercup and Westley
    "As you wish"... Is there really anything more to say?
  2. Tom and Elizabeth Keen
    So he may have tried to kill her and lied about their entire marriage however, this love is going down as my favorite current love. He's fighting for her. Fuck yeah.
  3. Benny and Joon
    This kind of goes back to one of my favorite quotes by Dr. Seuss about finding someone compatible with our weirdness. We're not all "iron our sandwiches" weird but we've all got something....
  4. Archer and Anna Huntington
    This is non fiction and unknown but their story is beautiful. Two artists, lots of pets, a castle in South Caroline he found for the winter months because she suffered from tuberculosis. Highly recommend a visit.
  5. The love between @john and whoever "Waiting on the Day" was written about
    Holy cramoly this song steals my heart every time especially the line "and we go dancing".
  6. The love between Ben Moon and his dog "Denali".
    Look this one up and you'll cry your eyes out. The true meaning of unconditional.
  7. Jim and Pam
    An ordinary love is an extraordinary thing.