This ranges from Sesame Street to Family Guy.
  1. Sesame Street
    Ah, the good ol' days of being 2 years old, watching this show with a juice box in one hand and my mom's hand in the other.
  2. Tom and Jerry
    The first time I was exposed to cartoon violence
  3. Full House
    My first celebrity crush was John Stamos. Who could dislike that hair?
  4. Family Matters
    Did I do that?
  5. That 70s Show
    Hello Wisconsin!!!
  6. Family Guy
    I was introduced to this show by my dad when I was 6. 10/10 parenting
  7. Freaks & Geeks
    I introduced this show to my dad. We watched the whole season in less than a week.
  8. The Fosters
    I watch this with my dad and nana.
  9. Catfish: The TV Show
    Everyone in my family loves this show. Nothing like reality tv.