Top 10 Necessary Traits // Witchcraft Edition

My list of top 10 necessary traits that are important to my magical practice on the regular. No particular order.
  1. Focus
    Staying on task and learning to focus can be incredibly tricky. Meditation is a great stepping. Use it to get achieve goals.
  2. Logic & Reasoning
    How can you learn anything without asking a question and investigating the answer?
  3. Adaptability
    Change is the only constant. Going with the flow will help you get further faster.
  4. Ingenuity/Creativity
    Thinking outside the box is essential to moving past obstacles. If the first method doesn't work? Try, try again.
  5. Determination/Belief
    Driving factor, the reason you do things. Nothing is impossible with the right attitude. Use to help focus.
  6. Empathy
    Key to relating to the world around you. You're connected, understand how your actions affect others.
  7. Patience
    Practice makes perfect. Trial and error takes time. Don't give up just because it doesn't work the first time.
  8. Will
    Everyone has their own and uses it to shape reality. Use wisely.
  9. Responsibility
    Accept that every action has a reaction. Own your actions.
  10. Consciousness
    Be grounded and realistic. Acknowledge the connection you can't escape to the world around you. Be realistic about the tools at your disposal.