Fun ways to say "Hello!"

  1. A good slap in the face
    For all you spicy folks looking to make a great first impression.
  2. Go right in for the tickle
    Everyone loves a good tickle. It's a fact that most people believe!
  3. Neck hug!
    Rap your neck around the person and just bob that adam's apple. ~playful~
  4. Give them a twirl
    Spin them round once or twice and they'll love the energy YOU bring to the hang sesh
  5. Push em
    This can only be followed by " excuse me... I am homeless, I am gay, I have AIDS, I am new in town" or else it's weird and really invasive.
  6. Yell, "FUN IS MY MIDDLE NAME" right in their face
    This is a neat way for someone to get to know the REAL you right off the bat.
  7. Stumble through as many slang words for the word "hello" as you can possible think of
    This can be yo, ayyyye, wassup, wazzup, hola, hey bitch, yello, howdy, what's crack-a-lackin? Ect.