What's better than getting a peek into a stranger life? Nothing! Because I strive off of the excitement and thrill of those around me as I continue to dull more and more as life carries on! Woohoo!
  1. Biker
    So this complete rando kindly put me into a group text he had created that consisted of only me & him. So really it was a faux group text, no one else was in it. But he texts me out of no where, his only friend, & I'm here for him. I'm not just going to let him down. I'm excited, he worked really hard for that bike and I respect that dammit! That's what the American Dream is all about anyway,right? So I text my good pal back with some words of encouragement and we both left that chat invigorated
  2. Guy in hole
    Man, I can get what he means! Imagine all those worms he ran into on his way down. Accidentally beheading them with his shovel, all murderous like... Is what I was thinking.... until I got a text from the same complete and utter stranger saying, "work, auto correct" . I was making up ridiculous worm related scenarios like a crazy person, I did not respond out of complete and utter internal humiliation.