Hey! Look at these strange picture on my phone as I try to explain them as best as I can!

This will be weird and oddly personal....
  1. Shocked-by-Number-Of-Pixels at First Sight
    When I first got my iPhone 6s and realized how great a camera can be. Scary great, that's how great.
  2. Small Colonial Child Faces Wall
    Spent a day making yarn out of wool, milked the shit out of latex gloves and danced modestly...my little sister that is. At her school. For colonial day.
  3. He Gets It
    I was eating at a restaurant one time when I was put In a group message with basketball obsessives. They had the wrong number. So I did what anyone would do in a group text mishap: I sent a picture of Heinz ketchup and texted, "Ketchup lover til I die, put it on my toast in the morning". Expecting a confused response, I instead got a very passionate, "yeah man! Foreal ketchup is GREAT!". And that's how I met my now husband. Jk his friend took me out of the Group text very soon after.
  4. Womakin
    This picture still freaks me out whenever I look at it. Something about the 50's style dress in combination with plastered smiles. I think my friend was a manikin in her first life.