My dad is a warriors fan and prides himself on the fact that he can talk about black athletes, which he feels cool about. Here are some of the best, cringe worthy things he has said...
  1. "For fart sake! These boys need to stop effing around!
    Regarding the Warriors being behind in the 4th quarter
  2. "Are you a bitch? That was not a foul! Get your head out of the sewers ref!
    Wow Pop. Just start out strong with the bitch comment and then judge him on he fact that he's a sewer guy? Well shit! I'm a sewer girl. If your going to judge him for sticking his head in the sewer every once in a while then your going to have to get on me for it too! It's cool down there and if you're lucky you may come across some wedding rings.
  3. "Shit dick!"
    Perfectly formed staccato sentence and excellent use of diction. Bravo Pa Pa 👏🏽
  4. "It's not fair, they have that one tall Black player!"
    Well, he's probably not wrong. But most all NBA players are of the African-American race and, for the most part, tall. Specify. And also, what the hell?
  5. "These guys are so good! They're so big and angelic. How do they move like that?"
    I think we can all agree, we have no idea how these tall, beautiful men do what they do. But it's fabulous and also, Labron James in Trainwreck amiright????!
  6. "Huh- what? Ahh yeah they're getting it done."
    He fell asleep and woke up right as I was asking him how the game was going. The game had ended and intense game of jeopardy was now on. Classic Gus.