Oh to be miniature person. I'm sure I have suppressed many cringe worthy memories of my youth but here are some terribly painful ones.
  1. When I told my sister to "shut up, you slut" on a elevator full of teenagers at the mall because I wanted to test out my new slang before I hit middle school.
    So much laughing and pointing. Still have a very present fear of teenagers. And the word slut.
  2. When I called Old Navy earl gravy for YEARS because my mom drank earl gray and frequented Old Navy often enough for my little brain to malfunction and combine the two.
    2 for 5$ flip flops @ Earl Gravy! Go splurge! Best deal this side of China!
  3. Walking home from school early one day and "smoking" a rolled up piece of paper with coffee grounds in it.
    God did it give me a "buzz".
  4. Rolly backpack + middle school. Need I say more?
  5. This really could have been a li.st dedicated to grudges I hold from middle school but I've grown. Length wise and wise wise.