1. Avril Lavigne (2004)
    I thought I was SO punk. My dad brought me and my friend Maddy, and Maddy blocked her ears the whole time.
  2. Hilary Duff (2004)
  3. Hilary Duff (2005)
    Monica TOUCHED Hilary's hand!
  4. American Idol (2008)
  5. Katy Perry (2008)
    Dad also attended this.
  6. MGMT (2010)
    Okay music taste is developing..
  7. Two Door Cinema Club (2010)
    This was before TDCC had ANY fans and it was at the smallest little music venue, the tickets were like $10 and everyone waited on a porch before it started.
  8. Seaport Six (2012)
    Six bands: Cake, Grouplove, Two Door Cinema Club, Reptar, Delta Spirit and Stephie Coplan
  9. Marina and the Diamonds (2012)
    This was at Six Flags amusement park and I got in trouble with mom later that night but before- it was such a good day with my friend Leah.
  10. Two Door Cinema Club (2012)
    This one was at the House of Blues- the crowd was oddly violent (I got kicked in the head!) but very fun- I danced til I fell over.
  11. Grouplove & MSMR (2012)
    Grouplove puts on a better show than anyone!
  12. Marina and the Diamonds & Icona Pop (2012)
  13. Imagine Dragons (2013)
    The GASP part of "Radioactive" was a spiritual experience.
  14. Boston Calling Spring 2013
    Fun., Marina and the Diamonds, Of Monsters and Men, MSMR, Young the Giant, Matt&Kim, Cults...etc.
  15. Tribal Seeds (2013)
    I didn't really want to go to this concert but my friend was going alone and I didn't want him to be alone.. But he turned out to not be such a great friend.
  16. James Blake (2013)
  17. MGMT (2013)
  18. Jake Bugg (2014)
    Melissa threw her shirt on stage.
  19. Lana Del Rey (2014)
    She opened singing "my pussy tastes like pepsi cola" and I'll never forget it.
  20. Boston Calling Fall 2014
    Lorde, Childish Gambino, Bleachers, Sky Ferreira
  21. Lana Del Rey (2015)
    Dad attended again.
  22. Matt and Kim (2015)
  23. Passion Pit (2015)
  24. Tobias Jesso Jr. (2015)
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    Maybe best concert ever. And we MET him (see proof).
  25. In the Valley Below (2015)
  26. The Vaccines (2016)
  27. Boston (2016)
    I saw them in Austin, Texas as a 40th reunion tour with my aunt, uncle and dad. It was totally old school but very fun. Interesting being from Boston and seeing Boston in Austin.
  28. Coldplay (2016)
    Had the cheapest seats ever but man they out on a show!