I worked at Urban Outfitters.
  1. Middle aged parents frowning over the fact that record players are being sold again
    They just sold theirs on Ebay
  2. Teenage girls wondering if they can pull this off at school
    They usually laugh and decide they can't.
  3. Skeevy people in baggy jeans looking to steal an entire stack of sweaters
  4. Guys with man buns
    His girlfriend might have a half shaved hairdo, a dye job, or maybe a little bun with her hair down.
  5. Elderly people that turn around at the entrance.
  6. Kids complaining loudly that they can't afford anything
    They might try to buy marijuana flavored lip gloss and ask their friend for a buck, even though they're short two bucks.
  7. Jock type guys who guffaw at the graphic tees
    Points and says "Aw look at that one!"
  8. 12 year olds who buy the $12 panda-shaped eye mask gel crap
  9. A rude mother with two bored teenagers- spends $750 dollars on them
  10. A girl that for some reason bought 12 perfectly fine things and is now returning 11 of them. She's also talking on the phone.