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Things I'm not really a fan of but other people seem to love & post on social media about a lot
  1. Chipotle
  2. Disneyland
  3. the beach
  4. California
  1. blk. coffee
    Location: Irvine // Parking: requires validation // Wifi: Google quality // Drink: Vtm Iced Coffee ($5) // Hours: Closes at 3pm and on Sundays // Punch card
  2. Bad Coffee
    Location: Costa Mesa // Parking: lots // Wifi: badcoffee // Drink: filtered for here ($3 plus one refill) // Hours: 777
  3. Bodhi Leaf (Orange)
    Location: Orange // Parking: lucky or a walk // Wifi: coffee99 // Drink: drip, latte, matcha, spiced mocha ($2.50-4.50) // Hours: open late // Collect stars
  1. Located in beautiful, downtown, Oakland, California
  2. Okay. Okay. What's next?
  3. Friend of the Pod
4 more...
  1. U2
    & all things Bono
  2. Terrace House on Netflix
  3. 99 percent invisible podcast from beautiful. downtown. Oakland. California.
  4. Busy Phillip's Instagram stories
  1. Because of a weird inferiority complex, we tend to overcompensate and explain just how great it actually is
    We're cool. We're cool. I promise, we're cool.
  2. Pay less for gas
  3. Use surface streets for long commutes
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  1. Watching highlights from game 7 of the 2016 wold series, specifically the final 10th inning out from Bryant to Rizzo
  2. The weight of my computer on my lap
  3. 99pi podcast
  4. Fever Pitch
Aka all the movies I waited too long to see but now have an opinion on
  1. Reservoir Dogs (1992)
    A guy gets shot in the stomach & then bleeds out the ref of the film until he is finally relieved of his pain with a shot to the head. That's how it felt to watch RD.
  2. Friday Night Lights (2006-2011)
    By all accounts, a show set in a Texas small town obsessed with a high school football team should not be this good. The docu-drama format & snuffy walden's music are in fine form. Side note: I can feel better about ironically throwing out "clear eyes full hearts can't lose" since learning of it's origins.
Where I watch the pilot episodes of tv series I've never seen before & compare it to my previous general understanding of the show
  1. Dawson's Creek (1998-2003)
    "I Don't Wanna Wait" to talk about the sexual tension in the room. So much snark & teenage angst & white girl problems.
  2. Fringe (2008-2013)
    So much more sci-fi & conspiracy than I anticipated for a procedural. Also, kinda just here for JJ tbh
  3. Bones (2005- )
    First off, this show is still on?! From what I gather she solves crimes with bones (& is not in fact named bones) but the FBI guy doesn't believe her science all the time. But also they kinda really love each other bc their faces are practically touching while talking about a murder investigation.
2 more...
  1. Money Monster (2016) // DVD
    Clooney & Roberts but we still turned this off halfway thru bc of painful dialogue & unbelievability
  2. Jackie (2016) // in theaters
  3. 13th (2016) // Netflix
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