1. Because of a weird inferiority complex, we tend to overcompensate and explain just how great it actually is
    We're cool. We're cool. I promise, we're cool.
  2. Pay less for gas
  3. Use surface streets for long commutes
  4. Drive to Sedona & Flagstaff at least one a year to post photos on their social media accounts to seem adventurous & spontaneous
    Also to prove that Arizona is more than desert & cacti
  5. Treat weather like breaking news
  6. Have to respond to questions like "oh it must be hot there right?"
  7. Correct how outsiders say saguaro
  8. Post about every time we go to Dutch bros & about how much we miss/love it when we don't have it
  9. Post memes/make bad jokes about how we don't "do that daylight savings thing"