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Because you only get one mom in life
  1. Reminding me that no boy will ever be good enough.
    But mommmmm I love him is the classic response. Thanks mom for listening to my pleas to a supposed Cupid and reminding me that some feelings just aren't for forever.
  2. Baking me a cake for every birthday.
    Because that store bought shit just isn't the same. Where is the love in that?
  3. Teaching me to be brave. And smart. And free.
    Mostly importantly teaching me to let the good be good and everything else roll of my back.
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Here and there and everywhere
  1. A Bend In The Road
    Get to the beach and read this book. Let the sun take you in and the sand melt between your toes....before you know it this book will be over.
  2. Running With Scissors
    Get past the drama, the unknown, and the unaddressed and you'll be good. You'll be ok. Focus on the confusion and the bullshit. Find your inner monsters and the problems we all suffer with.
  3. My Sister's Keeper
    Don't even think about copping out and watching the movie instead. Wait for that good good ending that chews your emotions up and spits them back out.
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