Because you only get one mom in life
  1. Reminding me that no boy will ever be good enough.
    But mommmmm I love him is the classic response. Thanks mom for listening to my pleas to a supposed Cupid and reminding me that some feelings just aren't for forever.
  2. Baking me a cake for every birthday.
    Because that store bought shit just isn't the same. Where is the love in that?
  3. Teaching me to be brave. And smart. And free.
    Mostly importantly teaching me to let the good be good and everything else roll of my back.
  4. Never caring about a bad grade.
    Because there have been quite a few of these. Thanks for teaching me that I am more than a number score or letter grade that makes its' home atop my exam or paper.
  5. But always, always caring when I get a good grade.
    Because you always make me feel like I cured cancer when I get one of these.
  6. Making me a separate dinner when everyone else is eating chicken.
    Because you know I would be infinitely happy eating Kraft Mac n Cheese with you for the rest of our days.
  7. Never forgetting about the importance of dessert.
    Because our secret language is usually coded behind the words, "are you having ice cream tonight?"
  8. Teaching me to find joy in the little things.
    Like talking to dogs because they understand our souls, and memorizing the steps of our beach path, and the perfect combination of a cheese and tomato sandwich.
  9. Making sure I don't grow up too fast.
    This means taking me to get my haircut and teeth cleaned and depositing a check...because honestly who knows how to do that.