I have rabbit ears. This allows me a limited number of actual channels and mass quantities of Spanish channels/religious networks/odd programs.
  1. The Love boat
  2. Al Extreme
    Not sure if Al is a word in Spanish or if it's about a man named Al. I've put this on my to do list to figure out.
  3. Peace TV programming
  4. Family Christian programming
  5. Paid programming
    This is on basically 66% of the channels I get
  6. Christian music hits
  7. Cook your ass off
    Two possibilities: a cooking show for people on diets, likely hosted by Jillian Michaels, or a hard core cooking competition likely hosted by Shia Leboeff (DO IT!)
  8. Destroyer
  9. The Jeffersons
  10. Kingdom Connection
  11. Business Rockstars
    This is split with the channel guide. So it only takes up half the screen and makes me doubt the validity of their rockstar status.
  12. Los Videos
  13. Double Daggar
    Worse than a double dipper
  14. Local Vietnamese
  15. RocKids TV
  16. Adventureland
    This is what I'm currently watching
  17. NFL football
    Flipping back and forth with this
  18. Family feud
  19. To be announced