We would be so awesome.
  1. Emma Watson
    I just know we would be friends. Badass feminism, incredibly smart, great style, Hermione Granger.
  2. Eleanor Roosevelt
    She got shit done. I learned to love her from my mom, and want to be her when I grow up.
  3. Morgan Murphy
    We met a year ago, she knows me better than anyone else. Generally one of my favorite human beings.
  4. CJ Craig
    Ugh I love her so much. Constantly fighting for women and justice with grace, intelligence, courage, and humor. Also the jackal.
  5. Michelle Obama
    Awesome First Lady. Awesome lady.
  6. Arya Stark
    She can literally do anything she wants and it will be awesome. All my favorite GOT episodes heavily feature her.
  7. Betsy Williams
    Best friend since 7th grade. Couldn't do it without her.
  8. Mindy Kaling
    I love you @mindy #noticeme